cafe desa mis sf

Authentic Parisian Brasserie Giving You Delight At Every Bite

Why settle for good dishes when you can have great? Perhaps many would agree that the reason why they usually drive out of the comfort of their garage door in Henderson is because they are often running errands or looking for a great place to eat. They are looking for a place where they can be comfortable and they can also have their stomachs full at the same time. Here at Café des Amis, you can definitely find that. This is a restaurant that lies in the heart of San Francisco which immediately grabbed the hearts of the locals who live here. It is impossible for individuals who live here and who travel to the area to not like the place because great French dishes are being served here. In fact, not once was this restaurant awarded due to their innovative way of creating sumptuous French dishes. This, in turn, gives the people who dine here a good dining experience. What is distinctive about this restaurant is that it will not let you down when it comes to the authenticity of the food that they serve. If you have tried already legitimate Parisian cuisines, then you’d understand what we are talking about here. That is not where it stops because, in every bite, you can taste the freshness of the food. This restaurant guarantees you fresh ingredients handled with care and straight to your table. We even just outsource our ingredients locally to make this happen. We especially handpick every single ingredient that we put in our food and all of it went through a strict quality assurance in the hands of experts. This is because we only want the best for our customers. Our standards never falter when it comes to providing satisfaction to the clients that we serve. What is a good Parisian dinner without delicious wine? Not Parisian at all, that is what. So here at our restaurant, we make it a point to serve high-quality vintage wines. These wines are exceptionally good and are made only exclusively for our restaurant. With every sip, explore the Eiffel Tower and all the secrets that the French sceneries hide. We will never disappoint. Here at Café des Amis, even crew who will serve as your waitstaff will give you a great experience. They will be at your beck and call during your whole visit. Trust that they know what they are talking about when they discussed to you the menu and the night’s special. Whatever it is that you want to clear up with them with regards to the service, you can do so. Please do not also overlook asking them of great desserts to top your whole experience. We’ll rock your world with it here. Celebrate any types of occasions in Café des Amis as well. We have function rooms depending on the number of people who will be joining your event. Reach out to us and let us discuss with you even the packages that you would love for your event.

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